All Four One, One Four All

Hey everyone! How’s your net worth routine coming along? It’s been my fourth month of tracking and coincidentally, I’m also hitting the PHP400,000.00 mark! My dear friend, read on.

The Balance


The Breakdown

Net worth’s up by PHP+32,286.72. Quite significant as compared to last month’s.

Deposit accounts: I just switched balances between my different deposit accounts in BPI. You can do this easily when you have an online account at BPI Express Online. I decreased the balance in my payroll account so as to avoid getting tempted to spend. 😛 This is my standard ATM card which I use for daily expenses and which I also enroll in my company for payroll purposes. I transferred a significant amount to the Save-Up account which is an automatic savings facility with FREE life insurance under BPI. I have scheduled it to transfer PHP2,500.00 every 20th and 5th of the month when I first opened this so it automatically deducts such amount from my payroll account just in time when I got my salary on the 15th and 30th before when I was with my first company. I admit it has long ceased that purpose for me since I can easily transfer any amount to and fro my BPI accounts so I use this instead to separate my funds and also for the insurance. Note that it doesn’t have an ATM card.

Other currencies: I went to SG for the 3rd time now for a company event last March 11 – 13. I exchanged my money for a couple of SGDs since a friend of mine was hoping I could get the black Nike Air Huarache which was available in a limited number everywhere. Unfortunately, I only found a pink and blue version of it and ended up spending my SGDs for pasalubong chocolates. Can I just say my colleagues and I are raving for Hanuta. It’s like Nutella wafers and I only knew about it from a Singaporean colleague who gave us some when he went to PH. So yummy! :3

Mutual fund shares: I added another PHP+15,000.00 in my SALEF investment last March 26 and it was at its highest at PHP5.9680 since I first invested. Weee! Good in a way ‘cause my total investment’s worth has gone up however, I was able to buy fewer shared with my money. The stock market has been performing well and the PSEi is close to the PHP8,000.00 mark! I do hope it continues to grow however, I am also wary about a bubble that might be dragging it up only to plunge down at one point. 😦 I’m no master at this though and I hold on only to the saying ‘Keep calm and carry on.’

I’m a hundred thousand pesos away from becoming half a millionaire. 🙂 Will I be able to make it this year? Stay tuned guys!



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