High Five!

Well what do you think, it’s been five months already of diligently recording my net worth! I kinda feel now like I have a solid grasp of my finances. Huh. Let’s see if that’s what really happened.

The Balance


The Breakdown

Unfortunately, that secure feeling of knowing where you currently stand in your finances can also become the opposite which is the insecurity of knowing you’re not doing well with it. 😛 It’s my first month of having a declining net worth even if it is just for PHP 461.16. 😦

The stock market still continues to decline and you can directly see the impact as I have not placed any additional investment in here. I was able to already encash my check for my final pay but turned out, the cash came out of my hand too as I lent PHP 60,000.00 to a friend who had a once in a lifetime chance to go to New York for an international contest. I couldn’t say no to a dream being fulfilled! This friend has a history of not being able to manage his finances well though I kinda have an idea how much he’s earning and it’s a lot! Haha. We meet regularly and he mentioned the situation to me wherein he and some other officemates qualified for an international advertising contest. However, since it’s really more of for personal work, their office will sponsor only a part of their expenses there and he has just about a couple of weeks to prepare for this! I immediately offered that I have some free cash in case he needs to borrow for show money for his visa and I lent it to him after a couple of weeks of him pondering about the offer. I had no doubt he can repay me and I only asked that he return it before the year ends which is when I’ll be needing the money for some family matters.

Other than that, I’ve been generally spending here and there this month. Reason is, I’m now in a relationship! Bwahahaha. For those who are curious, this is only my second time of being in a relationship since back in 2007. XD So, we’ve been to That Place Called Sagada and we’ve also hiked to the peak of Mt. Pulag. We officially got together today, May 1. 🙂 So congrats to Maven. Hihi. Aside from the trip costs, I’ve also been spending a lot in food/dates. And expecting more of these in the months to come. I guess being in a relationship does take some preparation. I need to reassess my budget!

So for now, ciao and I’ll be spending more time with the Bubby. 😛 And my budget. XD




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