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I am now on the half year mark of tracking my net worth. So, how are you guys? I hope most of you are doing your part already. In case you’re curious about what a net worth is or how you can make one, feel free to reach out to me here.

The Balance


The Breakdown

My net worth is down by PHP 32,626.86. Sigh, that was really depressing. I do get a feeling that I haven’t been able to monitor my budget well lately and I’ve been having a lot of impulsive spending. Let’s see how it all went down. Like literally.

Nephew Fund: Well school’s starting again and like in the past few years, I’ve been saving some money for my two young nephews’ schooling. My older brother is a minimum wage earner and though he has a decent steady job, his earnings really can’t cover everything especially when he has two young kids at school. I promised him I’ll take care of the tuition fees until my nephews turn first grade and by that time he should have already saved up or figured out how to get money to send them to school by himself. Hence, these past years and this month specifically, I have been saving up PHP 20,000.00 – 25,000.00 for my Nephew Fund.

New phone: On a not so dramatic matter, I have also bought a new phone this month! (And you thought I was so uptight especially when it comes to spending for myself.) It’s the Asus Zenfone 2! It’s been one of the most anticipated mobile phones this year coming from the good performance of the previous Zenfones in the market. And with Asus boasting a 4GB RAM and 32GB of data, what more can you ask for? But wait there’s more! Not only is it super feature-packed, it will not burn a hole in your pocket at its price of Php 14,000.00! Tell me what is not to love. Ever since it has been launched here in the Philippines, I have been searching all over the Metro for this model in gold color. Finally, the Bubby eventually helped me out by scouring through Facebook communities and finding a reseller at Star Mall, Alabang. Like whut?! But totally worth it. I cry of joy. XD

This came in timely too as my old phone has been malfunctioning already. Sigh, I was once a fan of Samsung, but now their mid-priced models have been of really cheap quality. They might end up like Nokia soon if they continue with this trend. I don’t think there’s much innovation in their product ranges now and are just trying to keep their market share.

I also bought a Huawei pocket wifi as I have been needing to connect through my laptop often and so better if I can also connect other devices too. I got this plus the SIM card and a few bucks of credits at around PHP 2,000.00.

Other happy life expenses: As you know, I’m already in a relationship! I have also been regularized at work last mid-month. Hence, this month has been about celebrations and more eating here and there. XD We also conducted a back-to-school program at Bubby’s public elementary school in her hometown. We had a program and from donations, were able to provide bags, school supplies, hygiene kits, and snacks, and treated around 40 kids to Jollibee! From all these, I’ve spent around another Php 10,000.00.

How’s your summer doing? Has it been financially challenging like mine? Hang in there as there will always be moments like these. What is important is that we are prepared and we know that our money is going in the right priorities in our life.




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