Unlucky Seven

I have nothing good to start with because my net worth is in the decline for the third time in a row now. Sigh. Things have not been going well lately plus I think my financial discipline is slipping away as I become trapped with being too busy again. Have you ever experienced letting go a bit in your control and then it just all totally goes down the drain? I think it’s a thing. Anyway, without further delay, here’s my net worth at the start of July.

The Balance


The Breakdown

Actually it’s just down by PHP 6,473.47 but still! 😦

Stock market decline: The big culprit to all of this is the stock market. The year started very optimistic, or as they say, “bullish” for the PSE. However, it’s beginning to look like most of the growth is unfortunately, just a hype. Before, I see a LOT of my friends posting their portfolio’s growth and giving unsolicited updates on which stocks to buy and all, but now, all of that is gone. 😛 I too have posted last February that all of my mutual fund investments are now on the gain side, and now it’s all bleeding red. As I am not technically trained in stocks all I can say is that the market is driven quite strongly by emotions and just as the rise and fall has been due to market emotions, so should be our reaction to it. That is, let us maintain our composure and know that reacting negatively will only worsen the situation.

I can probably compare this to one of the most usual advices in human relationships:

“Huwag mong sasabayan ng galit ang taong galit na.”

Or something like, “you can’t put out fire with fire.” Some may even say that this is the best time to buy stocks while the market is down. Maybe, “put out fire with water?” 😛

Brother’s Summer Tuition: As I previously mentioned, I am paying for my younger brother’s tuition as he is now in college at the University of Sto. Tomas (UST). Back in 2012, I was just starting my career and my parents could not afford to send my brother to college anymore. I paid half of his tuition fee from my signing bonus in my company then switched to another company for a higher-paying job. It was one of the toughest times in my life and that was also the point when I started being more financially disciplined. Looking back, I couldn’t be more thankful to that life experience as it brought me to where I am today – counting my net worth every month. XD Today, I am now more financially prepared to continue sending my brother to school and making my parents worry less how to make ends meet.

If anyone’s curious, the tuition fee in UST costs around Php 40,000.00 – 45,000.00 a semester. Since it’s summer, I only paid around Php 19,000.00.

Lovelife and other miscellaneous expenses: The Bubby and I celebrated our first monthsary today. 😀 Yey! Since she kind of went bongga last month when we got together, I decided to buy her something she was wanting these past few weeks already. I got her a pair of Onitsuka Tiger shoes. It cost me Php 5,500.00 but never mind that as she was surprised and very happy with her gift and that’s what matters. 😀 Hihi. I’ve dined out quite a lot this month too with Bubby, with my family as my aunt visited us here from Taiwan, and with officemates. It roughly sums up to PHP 9,000.00. Oops. Really need to start double-checking my monthly expenses already. 😐

Looking at all of the above, seems like it hasn’t been such a bad month after all. In absolute numbers, it looks bad, but I’m glad my money has gone to things that I am thankful for and that makes my life have a sense of accomplishment. 🙂 One other realization though is that my finances are highly dependent in one source, i. e. my employment, and I might need to do something about that soon.




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