GrabFair Caravan One-Day Activation Experience

Hey! My first guest post coming up. 🙂 Let’s hear it from H&H and how she and her car signed up for Grab to try and earn some extra pesos!

I’ve been pondering on trying to drive for GrabCar ever since 2014 when the hype with them started. I own a 2012 Toyota Vios which I got through a bank loan in 2013 and though the payments are manageable, I still think there are other ways to ease up my monthly amortization.

Now in 2016, and a few weeks to go before my car turns 4 years old, I’ve finally decided to take on the challenge and how lucky as Grab has just announced then a new batch for their GrabFair One-Day Activation!

The event aims to be a fast-track processing to getting signed up as a Grab Peer and Grab Driver. They welcome applicants with complete requirements to their office at 12/F Grab Office Wilcon IT Hub, 2251 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City for a total application one-day processing. In the future, Grab is surveying on holding these caravans at different locations so there might be a chance that they’ll have ones nearer your area.

I am also an employee or a corporate slave working in midshift (3pm to 12mn) and this has been quite an advantage for me as I was able to get all my requirements done during the mornings on the week before my schedule. I did a lot of research beforehand and one by one got the documents done. Expect to be really tired along the way but it will be worth it to grab the chance for a speedy processing in the end.

Without further ado, here’s the step by step guide on how I became a Grab Peer and Driver during their GrabFair Caravan: One Day Activation!


Step 1: Register Online

Grab releases a registration link through Formstack. Register online for the one-day caravan event and wait for the email confirmation requiring you to reserve a time slot so you will be prioritized on the day itself. The email confirmation may take a while; they usually send it only a few days before the actual event. I managed to register on their Grab Easter Caravan and scheduled on April 3 at 8am. It will be helpful to like their page at Facebook ( so you stay tuned for further announcements on their next caravans.


Step 2: Prepare all the required documents

Please prepare all requirements as they will be strict to accommodate only those with complete documents to be able to really deliver what they say as a “one-day-short application.” There are a lot of resources online to help you in the details of getting things done. I’ll leave you to do the further research as this post will already be too lengthy.

Here is the list of required documents:

2.1.         Peer requirements:

  1. BIR Form 2316, TIN ID, or other tax forms with BIR stamp that will serve as proof of your tax identification
  2. Comprehensive insurance of vehicle – Make sure you print the page that states the insurance coverage.
  3. OR/CR or sales invoice and delivery note of the car to be registered
  4. If you are not the owner (name in car registration is not under you), you need to get a special power of attorney (SPA) together with an authorization letter from the owner and both your valid IDs

2.2          Driver requirements:

  1. Police Clearance – To get this, you need a cedula or Community Tax Certificate and Barangay Clearance of your area of residence.
  2. NBI Clearance – You can fill out the forms ahead of time and schedule online.
  3. Valid professional driver’s license with OR
  4. If you are previously registered under a different peer, you need to get clearance from your previous peer. Unfortunately, previous GrabTaxi drivers need additional clearances that are not catered to in this one-day event. You need to go through the normal process which can be found on their website.

Note: Photocopy all of the above as you will need to submit and surrender these to the Grab office. In case you forget, they have a photocopy machine which you can use for free but take note that there will be long lines.  Bring around 3-4 IDs as you may need it for verification. (Building guards, Phone submission, & phone & Gcash release)


Step 3. Proceed to the event

3.1.         Requirements verification

Arrive at the event on your scheduled time but you may want to get there even earlier as they will still accommodate you and other walk-ins too. I got there by 7:45am and even though I have a printed out confirmation of my slot, they said I still had to line up the usual way and there was already a long line in the number issuance/ticketing booth. I was already at number 70 in the queue.

You will then proceed to the holding area and wait for further instructions. A Grab employee will call you to go to their actual lobby when it’s near your turn already. Wait for your number to be called. There are plenty of seats in the lobby and you can chat with other applicants and probably get some further insights into being a Grab peer or driver.

I noticed that for the other applicants, Grab has been strict when they missed some requirements and will tell you to just go back next time or apply online instead. If you’re a driver and you don’t have a peer, you will not be entertained. While if you are a peer, you can register yourself as a peer-driver but make sure you have the requirements for both applications.

Once your number is called, proceed to the counter. The Grab officer will check the completeness of your documents and once approved, the officer will give you a checklist and grab bracelets – one for a peer and one for a driver. Do not lose these!

3.2.         Picture taking/Mobile Phone payment

3.2.a. For peers: Since Grab is primarily on a cash-basis transaction, they require you to have a Gcash account signed up to them where they can deduct their  share or fees for the trips that you’ve made. The application platform that they have developed will also require you to have an Android phone where this will be installed and which is what the driver will use to get passengers.

If you will get a mobile phone from Grab, proceed to the cashier. You need to shell out Php 5,000 cash if you wish to pay in full, or if in installments, the amount will be Php 6,500. You will make a down payment of Php 2,000 and the balance will be deducted on your top up weekly.

It is advisable to bring your own gadget (Android phones only) as they will give you a free Php 2,000 top up in your GCash credits. Grab-acquired phones will only have free Php 200 top up.

After this step, proceed to the onboarding and wait for the orientation

3.2.b. For drivers: Proceed to the photograph room as a Grab employee will take a picture of you that will appear on your profile. (So make sure that after all of you’ve been through, you’re still gwapo / maganda.) Present your driver’s license for identification.

After this step, make sure your checklist is stamped and proceed to the onboarding session.

3.3          On-boarding Seminar

For peers: Fill out a Personal Information Sheet and submit it to the Grab employees. This will be used to apply for your GCash account.

If you’re using your personal phone, submit it to the grab employee together with your ID. They will install the driver app during the orientation. You need to pay Php 100 for the driver & peer’s SIM card.

If you acquire a Grab issued phone, submit the receipt to the grab employee.

Make sure you submit the above before the orientation starts as they will install & process your GCash during the orientation, so you can get it right away afterwards.

Listen carefully to the speaker as they will discuss every detail that you need to know about being a peer/driver. If you have questions, better ask it in the end so as not to interrupt the session as they are strict with the time. There are lots of seminar batches during 1 day activation. And they might cover the answer to your question on the latter part of the presentation.

They are giving free Grab-labeled mineral water. You can get as many as you want!

The orientation will last about 1 ½ hours.

3.4          Phone & GCash card release

There is a huge waiting place outside the On-boarding Seminar room. Wait for your name to be called again so you can claim your phone installed with the driver app, GCash card, peer and driver SIM cards. Present another valid ID to claim them.

At this point, you are already an active Grab peer and/or driver! Congrats! You may now have your first trip. However, there’s another step that most may forget to do…


Step 4. Submit requirements for TNVS or Transport Network Vehicle Service

LTFRB requires peers to be registered with them too even though they have already accredited Grab separately. Grab (and even Uber) claims that you can already proceed driving under them but be careful because (like most of our government agencies) LTFRB still has no clear-cut guideline if they are allowing this or not. As per Grab, in case you got hailed by an LTFRB officer, tell him that you have already passed the requirements or call the Grab hotline at (02)-883-7100 or 0917-862-9320 so  they can talk directly with the officer.

For the list of TNVS requirements please check this link: It requires you to have your own business and business name registered in DTI (you can do this whole process online), submit bank certificates (at least Php 30,000) to ensure your financial capability, and fill out a number of other forms that you need to have notarized.

Submit your TNVS requirements and Grab on!

I will be discussing my first week experience as Grabcar driver on my next guest blog post. So stay tuned!


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