Summer House Raid

Despite the scorching heat in our tropical country, I still feel the urge to do an annual cleaning during summer. 😛 Maybe it became a habit from the time I was in school and the only interesting to do during long lazy boring summer days was to clean up my room once and for all. I do it in a MAJOR way during summer, spending daysss without really doing anything else aside from wiping every gadget and gizmos aplenty that I have.

As the years pass, it actually became more than just cleaning for me. It became a way to recollect memories, to declutter my thoughts, and to ponder on life. Do you also experience that – seeing random stuff you collected from an event you attended or a project that you did and all of a sudden all of the feelings come back at you and makes you feel warm and fuzzy?

Since our home has never been big, I also got used to letting go of stuff I stopped using. It’s also partly due to my grandma’s way of raising us up. She secretly stashes away things and we wouldn’t notice until it’s too late as she has succeeded in throwing them away or finding someone to give them to. :O

So let’s just say I am a minimalist by force and now it’s routine to me to ask myself, will I still use this or not? Really? Honestly? I got rid of a lot of stuff with this thinking but of course there are still some that make it back to our cabinets. My brother and I just finished our clean-up today and this year, these are the ones that have passed last years’ tests and will unfortunately have to go now:

  • Accountancy books

These are all the books I got when I was studying and reviewing for the CPA licensure exams. Some of these have highlights from cover to cover; some I must admit just served as security blankets and I haven’t read at all. I planned to re-sell these either directly to someone or in Recto where there are a lot of street resellers. Then I thought that I might have a relative that may need these in case they took up Accountancy. Now they’re mostly outdated and I’m just thinking of who to donate these too. I’m sure these could still help someone out. 🙂


Title Author Edition
Theory of Accounts   2010
Financial Accounting One Conrado F. Valix 2008
Auditing Problems Gerardo S. Roque 2010-2011
Financial Accounting Two Valix, Peralta 2008
Management Advisory Services    
Practical Accounting One    
Pointers in Business Law   2011
The Law on Negotiable Instruments De Leon 2009
Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis Horngren et al. 13th edition
Systems Analysis & Design Kendall & Kendall Seventh edition
The New Quizzer in Taxation Virgilio D. Reyes  
A Reviewer in Taxation Virgilio D. Reyes  
Applied Auditing E. B. Cabrera 2010
Auditing David N. Ricchiute 8th edition
Practical Accounting 1 Conrado Uberita 2010
Auditing Theory   2011
Reviewer in Auditing Problems    
The Law on Sales, Agency, and Credit Transactions De Leon 2005
The Law on Obligations and Contracts De Leon 2008

Phew! I didn’t even realize that these are a total of 19 books!

  • Football shoes

This pair is my brother’s. Size 10, Adidas. We bought it at Php2,295.00 for his PE class in college which lasted for like 2 months and done, never was used afterwards. XD


  • Charizard stuffed toy

This was actually gifted to me. It was ought to have been included in our company’s toy drive last year but a friend saw it and wanted to trade it for something else. Unfortunately, it didn’t push through. But it made me thinking, are there other people out there who might be interested in having this? Hmmm. Let’s see if I could list this.


Aside from these, we have a broken CPU that has undergone too much repair that we’ve given up now. We’re now looking into selling this at the junk yard. The ones above I will list in OLX. As they say, “ibenta na ‘yan!” True enough, I do think it’s a neat way to make some extra cash. See what I did there? LOL. It’s where I was able to find roommates in the condo I rented in BGC. I also bought my brothers’ second-hand double-deck bed here. I actually have other things listed for sale too so I hope you could check these out in case you’re interested.

How about you? Are you also into minimalist living? 😀 Will you be trying some garage sale thing this summer? Do hit me up below and share how’s your start of the summer!


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