Bohol Countryside Tour – Php2,920

This past long weekend was the perfect slot to squeeze in an adventure. And lucky my officemates and I were able to book something in one of Cebu Pacific‘s promo flights! Five of us, including H and another plus 1, were bound for Cebu, and H and I decided to have a side trip to Bohol as well.

This post covers our separate trip to Bohol through ferry from Cebu. Check this for a quick summary of schedules and fees of various ferry lines: Fast Ferry Schedules.

Sunrise aboard Ocean Jet from Cebu to Tagbilaran.

I asked H to be in charge of our itinerary for Bohol since I was too busy doing the one for our Cebu trip with my officemates. So the laid back person that she was, H decided to book a car and tour guide service much to my dismay. Haha. I’ve always been the kind who didn’t want depending on others and preferred going through the hassles of learning how to go about places. But turned out it was a great tour with Kuya Arvin of Tatsky Cubero’s Incredible Bohol tour packages. Bohol is a known tourist destination and it had been better leaving it to the professionals to guide you and maximize your stay. It wasn’t a commute-friendly place as there were not many jeepneys or taxis around so it could have been hell for both of us if we did it my way.

Tatsky Cubero’s Incredible Bohol Tour

H requested to go to ALL the destinations in the package and Kuya happily obliged. He was also the one who suggested we go for an ATV tour around the Chocolate Hills. From his story, when the earthquake hit Tagbilaran last 2010, the viewing deck for the Chocolate Hills was destroyed and that got the locals into thinking of other creative ways to let tourists experience and see the beauty of the hills. Hence, the birth of their ATV tours. It was indeed a fun and different way to see the Chocolate Hills up close. We also had some good time taking miniature photos with it.

To experience more of the hospitality of the Boholanos, we went for buffet lunch aboard the Loboc River Cruise. Good food, music, and culture in one activity! Yay!

The Tarsier, the smallest species of monkey, is also one Boholanos are most proud of. However, since they are nocturnal in nature, these delicate creatures dwindled down in numbers due to stress with always getting exposed with tourists especially at daytime when they should be asleep. Now, they are left alone in their “nests” and flash photography and touching the tarsiers have been banned. Lesson learned: working overtime will kill you!

Still on the topic of tarsiers, a good pasalubong from Bohol is their Calamay. It’s a sweet and sticky treat perfect for just eating as it is, or spreading over bread. It comes in microwaveable bowls or in a bao or, I would say, a coconut husk. That kinda feels more authentic though it might create some luggage issues. Rumors say that someone managed to keep a tarsier in a bao and almost made it past through customs to kidnap the poor thing.

On the way to Panglao where we intended to settle for the night, we passed by Bohol Bee Farm too. It’s a quaint place known for its honey and other goods. They also have an ice-cream store with branches all around Bohol.

Honey Ice Cream from Bohol Bee Farm


In total, we went to more than 10 tourist spots around Bohol including the Blood Compact Shrine, Baclayon Church, Manmade Forest, Hanging Bridge, Butterfly and Bonsai Garden, Hinagdanan Cave, and souvenir centers. Here’s a summary of expenses per person:

 Fees  Details
      550.00 Ocean Jet Ferry
         85.00 Breakfast on ferry
         50.00 Cebu Pier Terminal fee
   1,050.00 Tatsky Cubero Tour Package
      450.00 Loboc River Cruise Lunch
      500.00 ATV + tip
         50.00 Chocolate Hills
         25.00 Tarsier Sanctuary
         20.00 Hanging Bridge
         45.00 Butterfly and Bonsai Garden
         50.00 Bohol Beefarm Ice Cream
         45.00 Hinagdanan Cave
   2,920.00 Total

That’s it for now and I will try to make other posts about Panglao and our Cebu trip! If you are curious about other stuff I’ve mentioned here, feel free to send me a message or better yet, leave a comment below.

‘Til the next adventure!






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