Bluewater Sumilon Day Tour – Php2,000

This is a straightforward post covering our day tour at Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort. Growing old, you tend to withdraw yourself from highly adventurous activities and better appreciate simply winding down without any stresses and just enjoying quiet time.

This is why availing of this day tour was a sure bet as we planned our itinerary for south of Cebu, specifically, Oslob.

What’s in it?

Here’s the inclusions as stated in the resort’s website:

  • Day tour lunch at the Pavilion
  • Roundtrip boat transfers
  • Island activities: kayaking, snorkeling, island trekking, fish feeding
  • Facilities including beach, infinity pool, payags, and shower rooms

I contacted them through email and they were prompt and courteous in responding. A downpayment of Php1,000 per person was required to reserve your slot and deposit can be made thru BDO. I suggest you maximize your stay by registering for the first boat ride at 8am and leaving for the last at 5pm.

The Island

The port from the mainland is just along the highway and if you are riding a bus, they  should be able to drop you there if you ask. We were welcomed with refreshing lemongrass iced tea as we waited for our boat and also took some nice pictures at the sea deck as you can see from the featured image above (credits: Angelo Juarez Before riding, we underwent a quick introduction of the island.

The map of the island and all activities within it.

Alighting the boat, we passed by the dainty villas where the overnight guests are staying. We settled in one of the open bamboo gazebos with a hammock on the side, and gathered our valuables to be put in a locker. This is the only thing I paid for on top of the day tour package; it was P100 per locker but it was enough for 7 of us.

The payag-payag or bamboo gazebos. Photo credits:

We were all given waterproof bracelets to use in availing of the amenities including towels, snorkeling gears, and the lunch buffet and drinks.

Bluewater Sumilon Day Tour pass

There was really a lot to do in the island but unfortunately, I was too Tita mode already to try it all. We went for the pedal boat through the lagoon, snorkeling in the sand bar, hanging out in the infinity pools and jacuzzis, and walking around the island. What we missed: the playground, trekking, the Lighthouse, and many more!

The lagoon. You can try either kayaking or the pedal boat. You can also feed schools of fish by the deck. Photo credits:
The sand bar is actually open to non-guests but you have to rent your own boat to get to the island through the backside.
Behold their infinity pool.

We were fortunate to be served buffet style for lunch. I believe at times they only serve plated sets depending on the number of guests at that day. We were so hungry by this time coming from our long travel from the city and as a consequence, missed to take any photos of the food. Boo! Lunch started around noon and they pack up at 2pm. It was a full course and I especially liked the Tinolang Manok with malunggay (Chicken in ginger soup) and the range of salads, desserts, and RICE! We actually had lunch, rested for a while, and ate again since the food was really good and we wanted more!

The picnic tables.

For Php2,000 inclusive of a festive buffet lunch, hassle-free boat transfers, use of beautiful amenities, and a relaxing and exclusive experience for the whole day, it was truly worth it! For me, that’s really better value even just compared to their overnight packages, though we may never know in the future if we manage to try that too!

Selfeet! ‘Til next time, Sumilon!



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