120116 Net Worth Update – Php761,515.31

I was checking H’s VUL fund value this morning to get a feel of how the market is doing when I got puzzled why it indicated as of Dec. 1, 2016. I thought, why are they projecting a future value? ‘Til I realized that date is today!

Hoorah! It is the beginning of the last month of the year. Time to get pressured again thinking, Oh em, what have I done all this time. LOL. But on the optimistic side, it’s a time to celebrate the wonderful year that’s been and eagerly welcome the new one to come.

And with that, here’s my final net worth update this year! Let’s see how it’s been and if you want to compare it from the previous months’, here’s a link to my last post regarding this.




Deposit accounts. We are seeing an increase in this category primarily from the 13th month bonus payout just yesterday. Hihi. Once I got it, I immediately transferred some to my checking account in preparation for my monthly payments for my condo and for rent. How about you? What are you spending your 13th month pay for?

It’s nice to still have some money left in my payroll account though I should really move that out too else risking spending it this holiday season! It’s helpful that my BPI Maxi-save account and Metrobank ET savings have high maintaining balances (Php25,000 and Php10,000) so I am less tempted to touch them to avoid penalties.

Anyways, I also need to grow my cash reserves since it’s gonna be tuition time again in January. Happy new year! Harhar.

Investments. My investments are still gradually growing from paying monthly down payment for my condo, and the automatic salary deduction for my COOP premiums, and company share options.

The big downside here is from my mutual funds since the market is currently down. For the longest time, FAMI SALEF shares are averaging Php5.37 and now it’s only at the Php4.88 level! Sad. Even more for me who greedily bought a lot during the peak in 2014 with the highest at P5.97. Can you imagine that?!

Now that I know better (coming from experience), I’m pondering if I should start buying again now that it’s sooo cheap and also because I think I’m more comfortable with a higher mutual fund investment than my condo down payment which is starting to overtake this in terms of amount.

Others. Nothing else interesting in my finances for now. Just holding on to the HKD I have to avoid transaction costs of having it changed to PHP, slowly collecting my pautang, and credit card bill is still manageable and nothing extraordinary here (my monthly expenses are around Php15,000).

And that’s it! Php 761,515.31. As compared to the start of this year, my net worth has gone up by 37%. Still a quarter more ‘til the million mark, but definitely more stable but more exciting! I already have budget plans for 2017 and will share that to you too once I’ve refined it. Maybe I’d hit the million mark by Q1 2017?

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