010117 Net Worth Update – Php743,886.27

Happy new year 2017! *Fireworks fireworks!*

Today, I’m officially celebrating 2 years of recording my net worth – and counting! It’s an exercise that have upped my personal awareness and discipline in my finances so I hope that you’ll include this as one of your resolutions starting this 2017.

Without further ado, let us take a look at how my year started!

The Balance

Maven’s net worth – Php743,886.27. Down by Php17,629.04 from last month.


The Breakdown

Down by Php17,629.04 from last month. I must admit it was not what I expected. Did I overspend this holiday season? A close look would reveal that it was actually due to an increase in liabilities. See, my younger brother pushed through with getting braces! *Sigh* You think I’m spoiling him too much? Anyways, for those curious, he had it done at Uy Dental Clinic near UST. We read from reviews that they’re quite good and affordable too so we gave it a go. The total price is Php50,000.00 and we’ve paid a downpayment of Php10,000.00 with Php2,000.00 in installments every month.

To offset that, dad actually sent some money to cover for part of the expenses. It’s still with my grandma right now but she’s a tough girl who’s very particular with money. If she says it’s an utang, I’ll treat it as an utang. I got my skill in numbers from her you see.

My investments are just doing their job automatically being increased every month from salary deductions and checks I’ve written to my condo developer. Hehe. These stuff really do help make sure your money is not going just anywhere.

I expect a further decrease in net worth in the next few months from paying tuition again and then my term life insurance policy which is due on February. But no worries, it’s all planned out. I’m still expecting to be a millionaire come April when the performance bonus is set to be paid out. Hihi.*Crosses fingers*


That’s it! Enjoy the remaining hours of the holidays and let’s get prepped for the challenges of this new year and going back to work tomorrow! Hustle hustle!

If you are considering to do this exercise as well for the new year, hit me up and I can help you out. I encourage you to share this too and like my FB page below to get updated on my progress as well.




5 thoughts on “010117 Net Worth Update – Php743,886.27

  1. Hello I came across ur blog thru J Money’s PF Blog Directory. So far I like what see/read 😊 A little background about me I’ve been saving for a decade now & same as you tracks my networth regularly. I almost blog about my personal finance journey but decided at the last minute not to push thru with it. Hopefully you will inspire a lot of people 2 save & invest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Francis! How are you doing? 🙂 Great to know someone out there who’s also tracking their net worth! I’m really touched that you’ve dropped a line here. I am actually very busy with my day job lately that I haven’t had time to update my blog. But your message gave me a surge of enthusiasm to continue to spread the word for people to save & invest. :’)

      Hope you continue to enjoy what I share in this blog. And wish you continued success on your financial journey! 😀


  2. Im fantastic thanks for asking & hope ur doing da same! Reading is my past time ever since I was a kid because I dont watch TV. That’s how I learned all about investing but saving it was something that I did all on my own which up to this day Im still very proud of. Ive already mastered kasi the art of delayed gratification haha. You’re a good sister for taking care of your brother’s tuition & congrats on da new job I just read it! People really need to manage their finances well & reading your blog can help them do that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks and I hope it really does. 🙂 Yeah, I wish there was an easier way but delayed gratification and discipline talaga ang basics for starting to build wealth – ideas na challenging especially with Pinoys. Aside from circumstances that pushed me to be responsible with money, it is through blogs din that I learned to invest on my own so I really hope to touch other people as well through this. 😀


  3. Hi, I am new to blogging and also considering to do this exercise as well. Any general advice to start my ship sailing? What’s the very first step that a newb like me should do? 🙂


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