4 Life Lessons from Learning How to Surf

I’ve had a week of ups and downs and though I felt like passing out from signs of flu by Friday, I decided to push through with joining my work colleagues for a road trip to La Union. We’ve been planning it ever since and I did’t wanna be a kill joy backing out the last minute.

Anyway, they’re such great people too so I’m not one to miss out on the fun! Sadly, I really couldn’t go surfing, which La Union is known for, since I might end up in bed or worse, getting everyone sick as well. Hence, I spent my hours drinking virgin mojito, watching cable TV, and sitting on the beach to take pictures of them. Lola mode.


Print on print on print. Bored by the bay.

I’m usually the one who pushes people to do this and that, and follow itineraries, and make the most out of every second. So when surfing time came, I was their cheerleader to go ahead, get a trainor and a board, and start surfing! I was closely listening on the orientation and watching them from afar so I’m here to share with you what i learned.

  1. Start by lying down on the surfboard, on your belly, and balance.

    For first timers, begin of course with knowing how to ride your board and determining at what point of the sea you want to start. You should not be too near the shore that it would be a short and easy ride, nor too far that is becomes risky and dangerous.


    It is important that even while just lying down, you can already feel the stability of the board and your body as it becomes a good foundation for when you are ready to stand.

    Lastly, make sure you are positioned in the right part of the board. Your feet should be a few inches from the back tip while your arms can grasp the middle section where it controls the balance.


  2. Ready your stance and push yourself up.

    Next, fold your dominant knee such that your toes are at the spot by the side of the other knee. From here, do a push up (or as the yogini in me says, a chaturanga) and propel yourself to a stand, your other leg stepping forward, knees both slightly bent and arms a bit outward to guide your balance.

    This is the trickiest part as I watched my friends fall down again and again during this stage. I think one, you should really be strong enough to carry your weight to be able to push yourself upward, and two, your foundation from the resting position should really be stable enough to help you maintain your balance.


    It is hard, but this is not the time to give up! Remember your goal for getting in the ocean in the first place. The finish line will be worth it and the journey to there will be exhilarating.


  3. Maintain your balance and seize the waves.

    Once you are up, the challenge does not stop there. You must make sure you are using the “wave walls” wisely to give your board the force it needs to push you forward. Waves that have broken out (when they turn to the bubbly white kind) will make you go out of balance. Who knew, right? I thought they are the legit waves. You must position yourself instead to the part where the wave is just building up and forming a smooth wall.

    When you get the hang of it, you don’t need to follow a straight course and you can actually lead your surfboard to move around and follow where the wave goes. Just keep in mind to maintain your balance at all times.


  4. Lead yourself to the shore and jump down when you’re ready.



    Ride your board to your end goal and get off at your destination. It shouldn’t be too close to the sand since the waters should provide you a softer landing.

    If you’re feeling game, have a go at it again! Practice and it will get easier and you’ll be able to do it better every time.  

I believe that life is a constant learning process. It doesn’t matter whether this experience is a one-time thing or maybe a hobby that you’ll eventually get into. What is important is that you’ve tried. And that you’ve learned something from it that will help you look at life in a better perspective.

Ulk, I haven’t even tried it even. Just learning it from observation. I will do it someday though! But I’m taking my time. Life doesn’t need to be a race. Another chance will come by and I’ll be ready then.




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