060117 NET WORTH UPDATE – PHP1,189,912.99

Hey y’all! Welcome to my sixth net worth update of the year and my 3rd as a millionaire (I’m pre-empting it and a bit bragging but promise this will be the last time!). It’s nearly mid-year now; how are your 2017 plans coming along?

Work’s always been busy but it’s great to see (and meet!) people who are actually following my journey so I’m doing my best to keep this blog updated. Thank you!


Maven’s net worth – Php1,189,912.99. Up by Php138,838.23 from last month.


Company shares subscription. I just recently found out how to monitor my actual company shares subscription! Before that I used to only account for the paid part of my contribution, without the company matching, gains from the discount, and share appreciation. So with this update of treatment to fair value, this portion of my net worth has bumped up by around Php200,000.00 already. You can check out the details of it here.

COL Financial stocks. Opening an account with COL has been one of my goals this year and I finally did it! Joining The Global Filipino Investor’s Financial Literacy Summit 2017 has been instrumental to this. And as of the moment, my initial investment of Php25,000.00 has grown by a teeny tiny bit. Hihi. I will try to write more about that soon so do keep this blog in tab.

Credit card bills. The culprit of this month’s net worth not getting as high as it should with the upside from the company shares valuation, is the doubling of my credit card bills. It’s summer and there are a lot of payables including vacations with H, gifts, shopping stuff, getting a VUL for my family, and I finally pushed myself to enroll in the CMA Philippines program! This is also part of my long-term plans as I’ve been working for 5 1/2 years already and I really wanted to go back to studying. No turning back now! The down payment was Php20,000.00!

Others. As I mentioned in my last net worth update too, I’m trying to simplify my net worth monitoring. If you’ve noticed, I wrote off the furniture line item already. These furniture – consisting of 2 double-deck beds and 2 cabinets – have been with me for 1 1/2 years already and they have served me well. I don’t intend to get rid of them, but it’s just not practical to keep track of their worth already.

So that’s all the updates for this month! It’s thrilling to get one-off months like this where I see a huge increase in my net worth. The key is really with consistency, but it doesn’t harm to take one-of-a-kind opportunities to maximize investments.

I have lots of pending stuff to write about. Tell me which one would you like to read on soonest?



5 thoughts on “060117 NET WORTH UPDATE – PHP1,189,912.99

  1. Wow, great job! I am wondering though why don’t you pay your credit card bills in full? That’s at least 3% interest per month! Also, what’s the interest rate on your friend’s A/R?


    1. Hi Willy! I do pay my credit card in full every time. 🙂 The numbers above are just the running balance. Though I paid for a certification at 0% 6 months installment. I think that should be okay?

      Unfortunately, there’s no interest in my A/R. Let’s charge it to friendship. Hehehe. But I have collected it now! 😀


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