Sitting in Limbo

As I write this blog entry, another two drafts are sitting in my dashboard.

Work has taken over life again and I feel like this time I had gladly succumbed to it like it was my life source. I would say I’m generally a stoic person but work keeps my blood boiling either with happiness or frustration. I discovered this unusually better outlook as I suffered another 10 days of working abroad for our quarterly business review. I feel like I’ve worked longer hours everyday until Saturday on this round and it has satisfied me. Maybe because the outcome was generally good. Maybe I liked my new boss’ working style. Maybe it was from not giving a damn about the future and just working for the moment.

Today I had found out that my boss already announced my movement back to my old role + a new country to handle. I expected her to actually do it today as we had a team recap after these weeks of non-stop requirements, but I was still eager to know how she’ll deliver the news and what else would she say. You see, my current status is not so defined. This transition does not have an end date.

And maybe this state of limbo is where I’m getting my positivity from. I don’t worry that hard with my current role, and I don’t worry at all where I’m going next. Letting go of what the future holds makes you care less of the repercussions of your actions. You just do what you got to do! Do it like it’s the last time you would! You become unattached with this whole career thing and work for the moment.

Sometimes I still think I should take control of what I want to happen in my career and life in totality. Sometimes I feel like there is something else I want outside of these choices I currently have. Sometimes I just want life to unfold.

I’m sorry for the melancholy and that I have missed a lot of things in this blog. But you can be sure I’m still working on my finances albeit a little bit less. So there’s no excuse for you to slack off too!

Talk to you again soon.

P. S. If you’d like some background music while reading this post, do check out its namesake performance in this link!



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