010119 NET WORTH UPDATE – PHP1,471,619.98

It’s the start of another year. Hooray! If you’ve read my previous post, I did mention that life was pretty tough in all aspects of 2018 – including my finances! Curious what’s been up lately? Read on and find out!


Maven’s net worth – Php1,471,619.98. Up by Php16,454.45 from last month.


To think my January 1 balance was even slightly better than December, and yet overall this is already lower than where I was last April. And the overall growth since last year is… 5.4%.

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4


Since inception


A short backtrack on what’s happened for the past year:

It’s been quite difficult and overall it was because I was too strapped for cash. Aside from my monthly net worth, I was doing more frequent running cash flow simulations. Basically, the major concern was to find out when I’m gonna hit negative cash position and what can I do to change that. Adjust timing of payments? Borrow temporarily? This exercise was extremely helpful in keeping track of my money for the past months.

On the other hand, I still tried my best to keep adding up to my investments. Or I was kinda forced to do so since I’ve committed to them already. Hehe. These were for the company shares which I’ve subscribed to in 2017 and paying in installments, and my COOP regular monthly investment which I haven’t changed since I joined my company. Unfortunately, the stock market hasn’t been nice recently so instead of seeing my investments go up, it’s mostly been swinging about the same amount.

So to sum up, 2018 was a year of just surviving through it all! In these trying times, my focus was not to grow, but to keep my stance. And in the process I realized I had learned so much that wouldn’t be possible if all of these things did not happen.

And that’s my lame excuse for having a measly 5.4% growth in my net worth last year.

We’re here now in the beginning of another year – and it’s gonna be one with great changes. The last straw of 2018 was me deciding to take hold of my career and joining another company. That means that very soon my finances will shift drastically. Goodbye company shares and employee COOP! What could the future hold for me?

Keep me company this year and join me in another journey. 😊 Best of luck to us!



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