040119 Net Worth Update – Php1,673,510.00

Hi guys! (In that phony vlogger tone :P) Welcome back to my channel! LOL. What’s up with my cheery disposition today?! But really, I’m just so glad that amidst the numerous changes happening in my life lately, I seem to be having a bit more time for my blog. So here we are at the end of Q1! How are you guys?


Up by Php126,783.95 from last month


I know, I know, I didn’t really post my net worth last month but I’m comparing this figure to that still to show how gradual my net worth is moving. Also, as much as I’d like to keep you up-to-date regularly of how I’m doing, I’ve proven time and again that I’m no good with keeping that promise so for now I’m targeting at least a quarterly net worth update. From the last quarter, my net worth went up by Php201,890.02. You can be sure I still track my finances every month though. That’s one thing I look forward to the most. 😛

On minimalism. You might notice how short my net worth breakdown is now. After trying to be thorough and extensive of my net worth tracking, I realized more is just clutter and so I’m lessening the number of categories I’m tracking here. I’ve removed the condo receivable which isn’t moving month-on-month and which I won’t likely get back in full once I end my lease term. I’m still contemplating whether I should remove more such as my VUL (because I lost my access to monitor it T-T) and maybe change my treatment of my Avita Vita Condo since it’s quite unfair that I’m recording all my payments instead of valuing the condo itself, less my mortgage (-> this is I think what’s more proper in Accounting sense).

Cash. On to the balances, can I just say, I’VE NEVER HAD THIS MUCH MONEY IN MY BANK ACCOUNT!!! I almost shed a tear when I saw my company shares have already been encashed. Goodbye, previous company! It’s been a bitter farewell but at the same time, I’m grateful for the opportunities you’ve opened for me to be wise about my money. So ex-officemates, you know it! Go maximize those share options!

COOP Premium Share. On the other hand, it’s good to know that the company COOP is open to retaining my membership even though I’m no longer connected to the company. So that’s still intact in case of emergencies and I’m planning to continue my contributions since they’re really giving good returns annually.
One thing that have upped my cash balance as well is from getting my signing bonus in my new company. Which I also don’t know how to treat since I technically will have to pay it back in full if I don’t stay with the company for at least two years. Let’s see. I have no plans to move anyways for now. Haha.

Investments. So right now, except for my condo, I’m not subscribed to any other regular investment payments. Which could be problematic in the future if I get too happy about having so much cash. LOL. I will enjoy this at the moment and the plan is to re-establish everything soon from my emergency fund, index fund, and maybe try something else? Stay tuned!

Leaving you for now with my current portfolio split.


Asset Portfolio_0419

From all my cash flow concerns last year to 51% cash just like that!



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