Meet Maven

Hey everyone!

I’m Maven, a millenial hailing from Manila! I am a CPA currently working in Finance for a multinational company, and out of work, I also like crunching numbers for my personal finance.

I realized that most of my life will circle in being an employee, so I might as well make the most out of it. I dream of working just for myself eventually, but there’s just so much to still learn in the corporate world. So here, I want to document life as a corporate slave and possibly my journey to becoming free!


But aside from that, I know that there is so much to explore in this life. Here’s me sharing with you my personal experiences in food, travel, stuff and maybe even fashion! And I incorporate numbers into that as much as I could so we both become more in control of our finances without sacrificing happiness.

Let me know what you think and I’d like to hear from you too!



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5 thoughts on “Meet Maven

  1. Hi Maven! glad I stumbled in your blog. Likewise, I am also a corporate slave aiming to get out. I hope that there would be more Millennials who’d see the wisdom behind your words thus, improving their lives.

    More power 🙂



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