Adulting Hack: Never Miss Paying A Bill

One definitive milestone of growing up (or more famously termed adulting nowadays) is having to deal with bills. Bills, bills, bills! In this entry, I want to show you how I figured out a way to spend only an hour every month analyzing and paying for my bills.… Read More Adulting Hack: Never Miss Paying A Bill

080117 Net Worth Update – Php1,122,811.40

Good day, world! I’ve been on a net worth break last month and have missed giving you updates on the money money money.

To get straight to the point, I’ve been in declines this past two months as I start to spend the bonus I received in Q2. But as long as the general trend is on an increase, then we’re good!… Read More 080117 Net Worth Update – Php1,122,811.40