My First COL Investment Portfolio

Hello blogging world! I've been buried in work and other activities lately but let me restart the writing momentum by sharing with you how my first COL investment portfolio looks like!


4 Life Lessons from Learning How to Surf

I've had a week of ups and downs and though I felt like passing out from signs of flu by Friday, I decided to push through with joining my work colleagues for a road trip to La Union. We've been planning it ever since and I did't wanna be a kill joy backing out the last minute.

How to Pay Philamlife Insurance through BPI Express Online

I got my own term life insurance in 2014 from a friend who was an agent in Philamlife. Back then, I’ve been pondering on how to compare life insurance policies offered by different companies and one of my friends commented that he already got his own from a friend. He said he’d rather get it from someone he knew instead of overthink and over-analyze this. That comment struck me and hence when a friend messaged me that she was now an agent, I didn’t hesitate to talk to her to discuss what I was looking for and how she can help me.