070117 Net Worth Update – Php1,163,018.79

Today is now past the half mark of the year! How quickly time flies by. I’ve hit some milestones these past few months but there’s still a lot to do ‘til the yearend. Without further ado, let’s get down to business.


Maven’s net worth – Php1,163,018.79. Down by Php26,894.20 from last month.


Deposit accounts and receivables. I’ve increased my cash balance this month from collecting receivables! Yey! I hope I can wipe this out eventually as it is also becoming hard to monitor, but let’s see how it goes.

However, if you take a closer look, the decrease in receivables is not fully reflected in the cash increase. This is due to higher spending for the month for H and I’s trip to Coron! I’ve been meaning to see that place for a while now and it did not disappoint! My only concern was being insecure with my body as compared to all the model-looking foreigners that were touring with us. Hahahaha. *Ugh*

Investments. It’s really been helpful to commit to monthly investments such as paying for a condo and having regular COOP contributions in my case. Even though I have spent quite a fortune in my travels as well, my investments also keep on steadily growing.

Aside from that, the market seems to be moving into an upturn. See the line for FAMI SALEF Mutual Fund Shares? I have stopped adding money into that since 2015, but compared to last month, its value has increased by Php6,137.01! Not bad for doing nothing.

Liabilities. Since last month, I’ve managed to pay out some one-off bills from a number of events I’ve spent for. My primary credit card, Mastercard, is now on the normal level of my expenses. On the other hand, my Visa credit card has significantly increased. After some confusion with the institution where I’ll be taking my certification course, I settled to fully charge the fees on a 0% interest 6-month installment basis for the whole Php82,000.00 package.


In total, my net worth has dropped after the positive rally these past few months. Oh well. It is inevitable as I am bound to really spend some of the bonus I got from April. Good thing is that I am investing in myself, and I believe that in this way, I will further boost my value in this world, even beyond numbers.






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